Kana Cards

Kana Cards


Kana Cards is a great way to study your Japanese kana. Includes full Hiragana and Katakana look-up tables and a fully configurable flashcard deck you can use with three different learning modes, all topped off with a healthy splattering of beautiful animation.

Sales stats

Kana cards went live on the 23 october. Today (december 8th) micorosoft finaly launched sales data on app hub. For a bit of background, It was the first Japanese flashcard app released on the marketplace. Kana Cards has never been a featured app, so this should be representative sales data for a small, niche product that has not had any advertising. Im releasing these sales figures to th public, i hope my fellow developers release theres aswell.
All of the following data is for the sales period 10/21/2010 - 12/2/2010

Cumulative Sales

Daily Sales

Raw sales data